Tuesday, October 7, 2008

one year anniversary

The slave was neutered with a burdizzo clamp and was on all 4's while the clamping was done. It was then turned over and restrained so as to cut away the ball sack and remove the now useless balls . This is a preferrred way of neutering the white dog.
Master Roland

below is a breif desription of the beginning of the white dog's neutering .written by Miss Wendy V who is who did the neutering for us.

A burdizzo clamp was used by me (Wendy V) on whitedog 186142. This clamp is a veterinary implement,(useful and my favourite) It is like a large pair of broad, blunt jawed pliers with fourteen inch long handles. Roland and Sondra wanted the white dog kept up on the table on all 4s with hind legs spread so any guest could use the clamp and pull the white dogs balls back between the spread hind legs. This they did to give all friends and family present a feeling of how the clamp feels and how it will close around the dogs balls. I explained to any who wanted to hear how I was going to use the burdizzo (the dog had heard this as many times as I repeated it)

(actual photo is above)


phil56651 said...

whiteslave186142 is a very lucky creature to be owned by a Superior Black Master & Mistress and to have been castrated in front of a Superior Black audience for thier pleasure and amusement. i wish that could be me.

sados said...

This is an article i read from Master Roland H : "Many whites do not understand the significance and importance of whites sucking Black cocks. Some of our brothers and sisters don’t make their white males do so and only think of white females doing so. First we must all understand a superior Black male making the inferior white male suck him is not a gay or homosexual action. There are vital reasons that whites should suck Black cocks and we will discuss them here.Many whites do not understand the significance and importance of whites sucking Black cocks. Some of our brothers and sisters don’t make their white males do so and only think of white females doing so. First we must all understand a superior Black male making the inferior white male suck him is not a gay or homosexual action. There are vital reasons that whites should suck Black cocks and we will discuss them here.Cocks produce semen and there is a difference between semen from white dicks and that from Black cocks. Black cock produced semen contains chemicals that enhance wellness of whites minds and bodies. There have been several clinical studies to prove that if white ingest Black semen they have a better outlook on life, it reduces depression and makes whites happy after they have learned to accept their inferiority.

Black produced Semen also contains pheromones. Pheromones are what attract people sexually and stimulate people to want to be close and make the other happy. Many women will tell you they sleep with their boy friends or husband shirt when he is gone because they love the smell of it. It is not really the smell that causes this but rather the pheromones. She becomes addicted to his pheromones. Pheromones from Black semen should be used in the same manner, to tie the white male to the Black Master. This is what leads to the scent training of the white dog we own.

There are two ways of doing this scent training:
The first way I am explaining is for those whites already under black control and broken so as they are already worshipping their superiors properly

Giving the white a proper facial after sucking the Master to completion. Having the white make sure that some of their Masters semen is left on their upper lip just below the nose makes sure that pheromones are penetrating the servant’s nostrils and entering the brain locking that servant more and more into dedicating themselves to their Master. The white should always have Black semen remain on its face until all on its face is dry.

The same effect can be had from a white female servant who has a Black Master . After the master’s cum’s in her have a white male slave lick and suck her clean then the white male slave is exposed to the Black Masters pheromones this way as well. Every time the white female slave is filled with superior Black the white male slave should perform this cleaning out of the white cunt as soon as possible for best pheromone effect.

This first manner we did use on the white dog we did not stop with this.We also did the following:

Every morning the mutt sucked Me and after I had depostied my semen into its mouth it was to hold it in there without swallowing any of it. I then would hold a nasal spray bottle under its mouth and it was to deposit my semen into the open bottle. Then the nasal spout was put back on the bottle and I would spray some semen into both nostrils it would breathe in slowly and I then would pinch its nostrils closed andthis would make the semen stick inside its nostrils. It was to keep any from coming out of its nose. Most would dry up with in the hour and this was repateded every few hours everyday for several months.
The white dog has learned to think it knows my scent it craves my semen more then it did before it was scent trained. I can tell you both these manners of scent training your white are effective and both methods should be used at the same time."
I've got interesting in scent training.
Is this an article of You ?

ldsjlt said...

i am willing to be castrated if a black master or mistress wants. this are tiny inferior white balls are not needed to be a slave that will serve even better.as my mind will total on be the best slave for a superior black owner

ldsjlt said...

as a inferior white male ,that has tiny balls that need to be removed for they are useless as a man. knowing the only man is the superior black man the rest are bois, or pussy with clits that are her to serve his household duty. so there white women can be service the black real men on the world... i bow to you master ROLAND H

LAcockslave said...

sub slave in Los Angeles, is looking for a Superior Dominate Black Master to serve.

bog said...

im 24 and my wife is 23. she is mother to 1 black baby, and has said as im no longer used as a male , i should be neutered. i accept this as im a useless white piece of trash. and blackmen should be only males that reproduce.
I fully accept this and await castration

stevesd said...

In Oceanside CA wanting to be Neutered by Burdizzo. Steve

sexslut4u said...

i am a white wife that is not 'owned' yet but lets any black man use me that wants to. all black cock should be honored. my husband is not neutered and my question is about the amount of pain that he will have to endure. Is it terribly painful?

honkyboywimp said...

whites are on this earth to serve the superior black master race. Both the male and female have no rights and are owned ans used as black masters think fit. Love all the previous comments, and agree 101% with those comments. im 39 wife is 37 and have 2 daughters. All of us are owned and are slaves ive been caged for 10 years. Master let wife release me once a month, and made me jerk off into a glass. Then master would put it into microwave and wife push start, and they laughed as my sperm boiled. As my daughters come into season, master wanted me castrated, which like in the beginning of this thread. was done in presence of daughters. wife snipped me . as she did told me that master had made her pregnant. I love the comparison with dog being neutered. as we wimp, useless sissy boi pieces of shit husbands are rightly considered as slaves and been fully trained to smell and taste black cum, and genuinly come to WORSHIP blackmen, and love being owned and used by masters. The white women, wives and daughters, have learnt to be cum dumps, sex toys and fuck toys for the pleasure of black superior masters and their friends and familys.
Hope the law is changed where it is made law whites serve blacks and owned by them, and to be branded/tattoed , on forehead with the mark " slave" for males and "SLUT WHORE" for females. Please keep up your domination of the whiite race masters.

honkyboywimp said...

what a superior site, must be run by superior black masters. Make ALL whites slaves

maid angela said...

I am a well trained obedient male maid servant and what I really need is to be owned by a black family who will use me as a general live in maid servant with no time off and no pay. I know that I would do my work quickly and properly as the family god used to the idea of having a slave they would punish me for any bad work or slacking. So there would be times when all the work was done and I would just have to stand in the hallway facing the wall until I was required. I have done this for over 3 hours when I was working to a couple and it was the most wonderful feeling.

sexslut4u said...

I have read the article which states that ALL whites, male and female, should be required to suck black cock and agree totally. I love doing it, the feel, the taste, the honor, but my husband should be made to do it to always remind him of his place, his 'station' in regard to the black male. Any black male. Our society doesn't teach him that he is below the black male so he needs to be constantly reminded. In other words, I do it to bring pleasure to the black masters but he does it to establish and show his inferiority. That's how it seems to me. Is this correct?

uzrbroker said...


slave ron said...

am an UnOwned piece of white slave Property, that has know since it was in High School that it needed to be Owned by a Superior Black Master!

gwm looking for a Superior Black Leather Master to take Ownership of this white slave and make it His Owned white slave Property

Thank You Master Roland H, for this Blog & Article to Educate this inferior white male of its place and to confirm that it was meant to be Owned by a Superior Black Master!

Helixtwice said...

i am a very inferior white male who needs and gets spankings on my bare bottom over the knees of Black Men as Their boi. i need and love to be spanked very hard by a Black Hand until I am crying as hard as i can, and then to be sent to a corner to have to stand in it while showing my dark red spanked bottom to all in the room while crying. i love it when I am told to tell all present what i did to need a spanking, and that i am getting a real punishment spanking to teach me to obey and mind Him, and to be a good boi and not be so naughty. I say this very clearly. i then ask Him to give me a hard, painful spanking until i can't sit down to teach me a lesson in how He wants me to behave. The Black Dom then bares my naughty while bottom, and takes me across his lap as if He were my Father. He then scolds me like a child and begins to spank me very hard.
i love to be spanked in front of a mirror so i can see my shame!! i am very ashamed that i need spankings, and am very lucky to have found a Black Dom who will punish me! Wow it hurts but even while i am getting it i am very grateful for His training!!
my Black Dom has taught me to be much more humble, obedient, and submissive than i knew before. i am thrilled!! Sometimes he will spank me in front of his beautiful white girlfriend, make me drink His urine from His Black Cock, and sucK Him until He comes in huge gushes down my throat!! Wow!! After much work and many spankings I can take his beautiful 8" Black Cock down my throat so that his Black Balls smack my chin and it is Heaven!!! He loves it too and is proud of me!! i tell him how much i love the taste of His Cum, and that i can NEVER get enough! He is also proud of how i take my spankings so well and cry like a baby in front of his friends, who sometimes get to spank me, too!! i am a super happy white spanking boi who gets 3 or 4 spankings a week (not counting spankings of 50 spanks or less) does what i am told to do, and wants very badly to be a good boi for my Black Dom and to please Him to the best of mmy ability!! Now we are beginning with anal sex, which He loves, but hurts me as I am still super tight. i love to take the pain for Him, and He knows it and sometimes kisses me, which is the greatest feeling that i will ever have!!!!


badger said...

This site is both proper and correct for white male pets. of course all white male pets need taking to the clinic and routinely castrated before our black masters and white owned females. it has to be done to stop these small coked white male pets from breeding. The only worthwhile cock and balls are black and superior. White wives and Girlfriends should encourage this and promote it and belong to the superior black masters cock always.

badger said...

all white male dogs must bee neutered and castrated routinely for the superior black male. this should be done cruelly and like an animal. white females should go black only and promote and encourage all white males to surrender their balls to the superior black master. this will stop the white male breeding small cocked males for the future and the black Penis will reign supreme

whitesub11 said...

I am a 60yo subhuman.

My wife introduced me to my Black Master some years back when she worked with him.She knows my total belief of the Black Masterace and that all whites are inferior subhumans who must serve their Masters totally.

My Master is very demanding and punishes me with whip and cane regularly.

He does not use my wife or me sexually as all white dogs carry diseases.However my Master does insist I drink his Black Semen every day.He does this by masturbating on my face and into my open mouth or he will shoot his load on to his boots and the floor which I will lap up.Sometimes he will shoot his semen into a glass and I will then drink it.My Master enjoys humiliating inferior white dogs and will make me do this in front of my wife and other members of the Black Masterace.

My Master and my wife have noticed the benefits to me of ingesting Black Semen.I have become more compliant and will follow His commands immediately, like when He orders me to kneel and lick his shoes in a crowded shopping mall.

The white subhumans must understand that all Black People are superior and it is our duty to become the slaves to the whole Black Race.

steve foce said...

This castration nonsense needs to stop, white people can serve the black race without being permanently mutilated.

All the black man needs to do is control the sexual organs of whites to control the entire white race.

WhiteSlave0910 said...

Hello I'm a white male age 20. Currently in college. I have not been trained as a slave to a black master. I've done great amounts of research on this topic and have decided... Not decided Known and urged to become a slave to a black master. To be Collared owned and made to suck black dick if commanded. My Heart is pounding threw my chest as i type this. i wish to be trained, owned. And bow down as soon as possible. I will serve the Superior master race.

Please any contact on this would help me Further my life long commitment.

Thank you.


Dog said...

I use to be racist, but now I worship Black Men and Black Women. I'm an 'it', and that is what I deserve for my past. I want to serve Black People in every way. Black Men and Women have always been the backbone of our civilization. They are always the best at everything they do. I want to serve the Black Man. I'll do anything they order me to do. BLACK MAN is my MASTER. I knew this when I called a Black Man the 'n' word once. The Black Man whipped my ass and made me suck his Cock in front of my wife, and then made me beg him to fuck my wife. Now, I'm an 'it' ready for any BLACK MAN that wants me. My x-wife is now with a BLACK MAN. Good for her. A Real Man.

Dave Wilson said...

As a white boy sissy who grew up in mississippi, I truly recognize the superiority of the black man and only wish to serve. Any black man, family or group interested in complete servitude with no limitations interested in a slave?

Dave Wilson said...

I also acknowledge that the Black Man is the only male who deserves to breed and we must submit ourselves completely to his needs.We must offer our woman and continually serve our black masters sexually and cleaning his come from our woman so that his semen makes us content to serve only him. Our mouths must crave his seed and we must lick it from our wives. If castration is required by our Masters then it must be done! Only the black cock can breed our woman!!! And we must respect this! Master I await your instructions

Dave Wilson said...

Which of you Black Masters is ready to own a white slave couple? We are a totally committed white couple she willing to breed, he willing to be castrated. Are YOU OUR BLACK MASTER???? Lets find out!!!

Unknown said...

You niggers (note I use niggers here as a term for dependent, lazy - “keepin’ it real” bunch of Americans) are so sad. Name ONE truly impactful invention, patent or process developed by a nigger. No I don’t mean Carver and the peanut….or the Garret Morgan’s traffic light (I mean the concept of smashing peanuts to make peanut butter….not brain surgery) I refer to a really impactful, game changer – during black history month niggers tout the “brilliant” academics that brought us race theory or other social constructs as examples of this. Most of the theories were developed to exonerate the nigger from his/her serial bad choices, lack of ambition, follow through and education. Re-naming self-perpetuated dependency as “lack of opportunity” or “ evidence of oppression by the white patriarchy” Total bullshit – own your shit and rise up WITH the rest of the people, together, not as separatist, falsely superior niggers…..wow delusional!!!!

isukblakok said...

i am a mature white male slave subservient to the black man. i offer my mouth to be used as a urinal and toilet, my tongue as toilet paper. my place is on my knees worshiping the Black Master. Thank you, Black Masters for all the semen, piss and shit you have given me to consume and for the opportunity to be brutally degraded by You. I kiss your ass.

ronni gill said...

I m a brown and agree 100% with those comments.Black males r perfect i always want a black master.every single woman in this world only and only there property. blacks must have that right to fuck any girl any where i m also want a superior black master in toronto area.

michael said...

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michael said...

If there are any owners who are interested in my offer above, contact me at 'mrennie9@gmail.com' and give me your requirements and tell me how we can arrange for me to begin my sentence. I would love to be on a rack in front of a gang and tattoed and branded on my first day. If you are really serious, you could tatoo "nigger" across my forehead and tatoo a cock on each of my cheeks.Then, once I have been brutally flogged on the back till I bleed (like in the movie Mandingo) I am your property. Don't be afraid to go too far

Dogslave said...

I'm a total hot gym jock stud personal trainer and model. White male hung 8 inches and just recently came to terms with the fact that I'm a pussy ass faggot bitch slave that needs to submit to superior black men. Live in Portland OR. so if there are any black hung dudes that need a white slave, willing to give up my nuts for castration as well. be totally degraded and humiliated. Reach me at dogslave_307@hotmail.com

Faceunder1 said...

If I were your slave, I would gladly submit myself for total castration.

Perhaps afterwards, you would be kind enough to further humiliate me by cooking the removed material, and adding it as the meat content of your next meal.

Which you would oblige me to watch you consume. After you had finished you would pat your by then full stomach, and say “I really enjoyed that, it was delicious, but don’t worry, you will get it all back in due course, after all you are my toilet.”


slave Alex said...

I am a very submissive white slave and I'm from Germany.
I recognize the absolute rule of the black race. It is far superior to us and all white will be your slave and you are hearing.
So we come there. Let us be grateful if a black master or a black Misstres mercy and lets us live under your rule

freeslave said...

Hi im a slave from South Africa and would like to take this opportunity to beg a Superior Black Couple to make me their property online and train me to serve Blacks.With this training i can find Owners here at home.

Matthew Kurzyniec said...

I am a white male and I truely believe that my race is a weak cowardly greedy and stupid race, We are not men . The only men are Black men. I sware I will never sleep with a woman again because all women belong to the Great Black men.I live in LA and I am wanting to find a group of white faggots that I can join with. Also looking for a Black owner. My name is fuckface

Faceunder1 said...

There is no doubt in my mind that Blacks, especially Black Women are far, far superior to us inferior whites.

And therefore, I can think of no greater honour than to be a Black Woman's slave, like the following.

My prospective new Black Mistress

So, said my prospective new Black Mistress, you want to be my white male slave do you. Well, if I am to accept you, then there are certain terms and conditions that will apply.

You will be nothing more than property for me to use in any way I wish. When in doors, you will always be naked, with the exception of a dog collar round your neck, to which from time to time I wall attach a leach.

When not in use, you will be housed inside a locked metal cage made of iron bars. Your food will be a mixture of meal left overs, kitchen scrapes, and cheap dog food.

When out of your cage your food and drink will be supplemented by my waste products whenever I use you as a toilet.

You will wait upon me hand and foot. You will at all times obey my commands immediately. You will never speak unless spoken to. If you wish to speak you will say "Please Mistress permission to speak". However, only if I give my permission will you do so.

If at any time I punish you, you will always afterwards thank me for doing so, and will continue until I tell you to stop.

If all that I have said is acceptable to you, and you still want to be my slave. Then get down on your hands and knees, crawl forward on all fours up to my feet, and kiss them until I tell you to stop.

I was overjoyed, and crawled forward to where She was sitting, and did exactly what She required.

"That's enough" She said. Now turn over and lie on your back with your head between my shoes.

She then lifted Her left shoe, and placed it over my mouth, and ordered me to lick the dirt off the underside and swallow it.

When She was satisfied with my efforts on Her left shoe, She exchanged it for the other one so that I could do the same on that also.

She then stood up, and said. Your mouth must be very dirty, let me wash it clean for you.

She then lifted Her skirt, removed Her knickers, lowered Herself down, so that Her pussy was directly over my wide open eager waiting mouth, and proceeded to wash all the filth from Her shoes down my throat and into my stomach.

After She had finished, I thanked Her, over, and over again until She ordered me to stop.

To be continued.

Faceunder1 said...


There are no words to describe the joy I felt at having my new Mistress using Her new slave in this way. The lovely tangy taste of Her golden nectar, Her kind and generous offering was simply out of this world, it was certainly out of Her, and now a part of me. Her seal of approval.

My new owner than said, Is there anything you would like to ask me ?

Yes please Mistress, I replied, so far all that you have done has given me pleasure, If I am to demonstrate my devotion, I must cost me something, I must experience pain.

No problem She replied, follow me.

She took me naked down into the cellar, fastened my wrists together, and secured them to a steel hook attached to the ceiling. She then separated my feet and clamped them to the opposite ends of a short wooden beam, after which She covered my mouth with several strips of sticky tape.

All this was done in complete silence. She then left the cellar, and went back up stairs for a while. Leaving me strung up for an indefinite period to contemplate what She would do to me when at last She condescended to return.

On the wall in front of me were erected two large full length mirrors, so that I could see Her behind me as She punished me. This was done with a broad leather belt.

Again this was done in total silence, She never said a single word, and I could not make any sound due to the gag. The only noise to be herd was the sound of the leather belt as it struck my flesh

She took Her time, She was in no hurry. there was as much as ten seconds between each blow. After She has given a dozen or more strokes, She left once more for an unspecified time, before returning to continue my punishment which hurt a great deal.

However, the knowledge that I was completely helpless, unable to move, and totally in Her power for as long as She liked, was joy unspeakable.

When She at last released me, I knelt down in front of Her, to kiss Her feet, and thank Her profusely for what She Had done.

Only when She said “That’s enough” did I stop.


Cairne Oleander said...

I'll be glad when this black superiority "fetish" becomes a little more known and you fucking racist pigs get called out for the sick fucks you are.

KJ Kludd said...

I'll be glad when I become a white slave on the reg. but I know my place and love being used and abused by blacks!

j Lee said...


Faceunder1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Faceunder1 said...

Further to my above post, which should have been entitled "How it all began".

Why am I like this. Why am I by nature submissive ?

Well really I don't know, all that I do know is that when ever I see a Black Mans cock whether pendant, or fully erect, I immediately become its slave, and therefore, the slave of the Man that it is a part of. To me a Black Mans Penis is the most erotic object in the entire universe.

And because of this I desperately want to be a Black Mans slave, and have Him use me, that is my body for His pleasure.

I want Him to humiliate me, to treat me with the utter contempt that this inferior white sub male deserves.

Black Men are far superior to us white males who are not even fit to lick the dirt of their shoes.

If my Dominant Black Master wanted me, His white male slave to totally castrated, I would gladly submit to it, as I am not able to use my sex equipment for any other purpose than for urination.

And I would still be able to do this. Although I would then need to sit down on the toilet like a woman, which of course I would greatly enjoy having to do. But then I have always wanted to be a girl.

My number 1 fantasy was to wake up in the morning, and find that in the night my body had changed into that of silky smooth girls body, and that I could now wear female clothing.

I would have two lovely firm well rounded breasts, and down below I would have two smooth lips, instead of that male appendage hanging down between my legs.

Faceunder1 said...

If I who are white, were a black mans slave, I would gladly submit myself for total castration.

Perhaps afterwards, he would be kind enough to further humiliate me by cooking the removed material, and adding it as the meat content of his next meal.

Which he would oblige me to watch him consume. After he had finished he would pat his by then full stomach, and say “I really enjoyed that, it was delicious, but don’t worry, you will get it all back in due course, after all you are my toilet.”

Further to my post above on total castration, if the operation also included giving me labia majora, then that would be a step in the right direction to achieving my dearest wish which is.

I have always wanted to be a girl, at least that is since puberty. But before Puberty,

I, in common with all other lads of my age we were glad that we were not girls, as we considered them to be rather weak silly giggly creatures.

But after puberty, for me at least there was a complete reversal, I found that I desperately wanted to be a girl, I was bitterly disappointed that I had not been born female.

What had I done wrong ? Was I being punished for something done in a previous life ?

There were a number of reasons why I wanted to be a girl.

1. They are much more attractive than boys.

2. They have lovely smooth skin.

3. They have beautiful hair.

4. Their complete overall body shape is far superior to ours.

5. Their clothing is far better than ours.

My number 1 fantasy was to wake up in the morning, and find that in the night my body had changed into that of silky smooth girl’s body, and that I could now wear female clothing.

I would have two lovely firm well rounded breasts, and down below I would have two smooth lips, instead of that male appendage hanging down between my legs.

In fact I would rather like the newfound need to have to sit down on the loo in order to relieve a full bladder.

Andrew Armstrong said...

doing some surfing, came across this site....I have my own true story with the same conclusions. I'm a white male, masculine, deep voice..hairy, as a more primitive beast should be...and after meeting a particular beautiful African, I would be one of the lucky inferior(evolutionary homo-sapiens)to truly be happy in finding my life position. It's a lot to this story, We both grew together, him gaining the confidence to make his sexual desires and fantasies come true using me....and that was all I needed...to see him enjoying me as his sexual plaything..among many, he had been fantasizing about castration & penectomy, actually having a guy come out with the one mentioned and an elastrator,...he said he woout of room.. anyway, he was killed in the spring of 2013

Andrew Armstrong said...

..continued...met him back in the '90s, when I was married(to a white female), after setting up a three way with another black guy..a first for me. Black men have always put me in heat, my wife was out of town..so now I'm with these two giants..one was 6'4" the other 6'8", I'm 5'9"..they towered over me and told me to undress..they looked me over for a few min, and then had meundress them...when I got to those boxers...I said 'NO WAY!'..tbc

Andrew Armstrong said...

I've read more of the comments here, and even tho I definitely, find the black male superior both physically and sexually, and the 6'8" god mentioned earlier(with a 10.6" 12lb tool hanging), I got for 17yrs after leaving my wife. But anything superior can still fall away..blacks must wield their power with dignity, my superior saw his control over me,and broadened it with dignity, which made me his entirely, in a short time. ..now, I was his toy,.and there were no limits to how far I would go to please him!

Andrew Armstrong said...

..so much to say..never could tell it all. ...but now he's gone forever, and Black me(and some particular black women ;0), have a slave forever...my owner(I wont say his name, has made a black worshiper forever...at this time I am going to start looking for that black master that would appreciate a MANLY(in whiteys world)being used as their toy..not some girly white queen.H it me up, you could do anything to me..my pleasure comes from pleasuring you. A great life awaits!!

michael said...

I want to surrender to a violent black slave who will not only whip me bloody and torture me beyond my ability to bear it but who will also let his friends do anything they want. I need to be kept for life in chains with no release ever.

I can be castrated if it will make you take me into slavery

Michael Chambers said...

The powerful black man is taking over the world. interracial porn is the evidence that black men have much larger cocks than white boys like me. I have accepted this truth and know my place. I'm not gay but I would suck a black man's dick for sure in order to respect his superiority of my weak white race. I bow to the black man and I want to be his slave.

Michael Chambers said...

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100% right! Being castrated causes a man many problems (eunuch.org), and is a heavy decision. It causes depression, and needs hormone replacement to endure. It's easy to sit at a computer and type fantasies. That has zero to do with reality. Most white subs would serve a Black Master much better by being very obedient and attentive rather than mutilate themselves for life. You want heavy pain there are a LOT of other ways, but you will recover,
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Try blackmansrevenge2.com or on fetlife.com

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I tried to sign in both to blackmans revenge2 and fetlife.com, I didnt seem to be able to
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You will find a lot of Black Superiority Groups on fetlife.com, a free site. You can also find meetups of special interests in your area. You can search profiles by area and find someone close.
Also try blackmansrevenge2.com.
Be careful with castration it leads to many physical and psychological problems such as deep depression. This is detailed on eunuchs.org.
Good luck!

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That's just crazy bbcsexslave. Every human being deserves respect, inferior or not.


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