Tuesday, October 7, 2008

one year anniversary

The slave was neutered with a burdizzo clamp and was on all 4's while the clamping was done. It was then turned over and restrained so as to cut away the ball sack and remove the now useless balls . This is a preferrred way of neutering the white dog.
Master Roland

below is a breif desription of the beginning of the white dog's neutering .written by Miss Wendy V who is who did the neutering for us.

A burdizzo clamp was used by me (Wendy V) on whitedog 186142. This clamp is a veterinary implement,(useful and my favourite) It is like a large pair of broad, blunt jawed pliers with fourteen inch long handles. Roland and Sondra wanted the white dog kept up on the table on all 4s with hind legs spread so any guest could use the clamp and pull the white dogs balls back between the spread hind legs. This they did to give all friends and family present a feeling of how the clamp feels and how it will close around the dogs balls. I explained to any who wanted to hear how I was going to use the burdizzo (the dog had heard this as many times as I repeated it)

(actual photo is above)